I have recently discovered a code card in the box that my Xbox came in I was shocked to discover that when i entered my code it entitled me to a free install of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After the lengthy install process (upwards of 4 hours) It was time to jump in and start playing. The Elder Scrolls V is centered  in Skyrim  a province in Tamriel. Skyrim is home to the Nords a battle talented hard working race.The Nords aren’t the only race in Skyrim there are many more including Imperials, Bretons, High Elves, Orcs and Kajiit and there are even more each having their own special strengths and abilities.

The game starts out with you in Imperial custody after you were captured during an ambush set up for the Stormcloaks ( The Stormcloaks and the Imperials are at war because the empire is fighting for control of Skyrim and the Stormcloaks are fighting for their true Nord way of life) after a brief ride to Helgen in a cart you and all the people captured with you (numerous Stormcloaks and a horse thief) discover that they are sentenced to a public execution. when your name is called to go to the block you get the chance to customize your character there are many options such as race complexion and gender. Just as you are about to be executed a dragon, the bringers of the end times swoops down and incapacitates the imperials. As you are escaping from Helgen you are given you’re first major choice in the game, to escape with the Imperials or the Stormcloaks after you make your choice you go to Helgen keep. During you’re escape through the keep you encounter many enemies such as Stormcloaks or Imperials (based on which side you chose) Frostbite Spiders and Bears. After you escape from the keep you are given a quest to go to Riverwood and thus ends the prologue and begins the game.

Skyrim is an adventure role playing game (arpg) developed by Bethesda Games Studios and Published by Bethesda Softworks the game was released in late 2011 with 3 dlc (downloadable content) expansions released periodically over 2012.

What I Want To Be

When I grow up I would like to be an architect. My main reason for becoming an architect would be that I have liked designing things since I was very young and I would play with Lego almost every day. I extremely enjoy building large structures in computer programs such as Minecraft and doing that in real life would be amazing. From my research I have concluded that and average architect makes a decent wage per year and that is more than enough for me.

          Ever since I  was 2 or 3 I would spend almost every waking moment playing (but mostly chewing) on Lego, to put it simply the bricks fascinated and amazed me on how I could build gigantic structures (a 1 foot tall tower at the time).  The structure that inspired me the most was a two foot tall fully furnished hotel with 8 rooms built entirely out of Lego. Even now I am messing around with Lego and building houses and buildings.

          Building with Lego also requires some trial and error which is where my computer knowledge comes in. It would take way too long to get through a build and find you have missed out a critical part of it, minecraft eliminates that risk as you can plan out the build with blocks as it is a voxel based game (block game) building and destroying is much quicker too as you can do it with a simple click rather than taking it apart by hand. Minecraft is a great design tool and I can’t wait to find some more to play with.

          Designing buildings is cool but it all costs money which is where the yearly wage of an architect comes in. An average architect can make between $42,000 and $122,000 a year based on the amount of work opportunities they receive. I have heard that the average amount of money you need per year to live in Canada comfortably $45,000 per year and that is just above the minimum amount of money an architect makes per year ($42,000).

          Overall’ I think an architect would be a great job for me as I have been designing structures since I was little without even knowing it albeit with Lego, even up to today with Minecraft. In my opinion, designing structures is very entertaining as you can make a permanent figure on the land. The yearly wage of an architect looks very appealing also. These are just some of the reasons I think I will make an amazing architect.   






Why Sointula Needs a Swimming Pool

One of the largest problems facing the youth of Sointula is that we either have to go to Port McNeill or Big Lake to swim. My solution to this pressing matter is to build a swimming pool here. I understand the financial difficulties this would pose to our community but with a bit of fundraising and a few government grants I’m sure we could pull it off. The pool would also be a boost to the towns economy as it could offer swimming lessons or be rented for birthday parties. Moreover many jobs would be created from this endeavor and frankly with the upcoming closure of our Credit Union we need all the jobs we can get.







My learning

I think my learning is going very well this year. My favorite subject is math and I am excited to learn new things. I need to work on my writing skills and write more often. I enjoy reading and I do it almost everyday I am currently on book five of the Septimus Heap series Syren. I am working very hard on my science fair this year and I hope to go to Port McNeill to compete there. Overall I think I am doing very well this year.

Student led Conferences

Yay! student led conferences are happening this week. For the conferences this year I am planning to show my parents my math, science, writing, reading and blogging. Hopefully this conference goes well because I have been working very hard to get everything ready.


Well bye.

Micheal signing off

My Thoughts on Math

Every two months our school publishes a newspaper called the A.J. Eagle with all the kids stories that they chose to write for it. Sometimes we get a topic to write about, other times we get to write whatever we want. The Eagle gets sent out to all the people in our town. This time I chose to do a rant on M.A.T.H or MENTAL ABUSE TO HUMANS. Below is the article I wrote.



My Thoughts on M.A.T.H

Math or Mental Abuse to Humans is a terrible subject and should not be taught in school, for reasons expressed by the title. But the school district still uses this primitive form of torture on students to “make them understand numbers better.” To me this is totally barbaric, because it is forcing children to fill their minds with useless symbols called numbers.

But what are they used for? Sure, it’s useful if you want a boring job like a   Physicist, but what if you want the cool jobs like a Fireman or even the common Garbage man, to them math is just a useless figment of peoples imagination.

I know that your parents tell you that to get a successful job you need math, but to me that is complete nonsense, because I know everything because I am eleven. So……. JUST LISTEN TO ME! Do not learn math ever in your life!



And that was my rant on math I hope you enjoyed 🙂

if you liked or did not like it please leave a comment I enjoy your feedback.

Ski Trip

Yesterday we went on a school ski trip. It was amazing we left on the 7:45 ferry to get to Port McNiell. The ferry ride was very long because I got up at 6:30.

on the bus my friends Clayton and Carson started yelling so i went to the back of the bus and Clayton was pushing Carson’s head against the cold window. seeing the opportunity to make a funny video i whipped out my iPod and started taking the video then Carson pushed Clayton against my other friend Reece then he let go an atomic fart and everyone got quiet.

so when we got to the Mountain i was the 12th person out of the bus and the 13th person to get their gear after about a half an hour of lessons i went up and started doing runs. The runs i did were Ridge Run x 2, Blueberry x 3, Cypress x 1, Question Mark x 1 and the face x 5.

The trip was very fun, and I cant wait till we get to do it all again next month.


Minecraft 0.6.0 is Out

Yes it is true on Wednesday the 30th the update came out and it introduces a lot of PC features that people were looking for  like upside down stairs and Armour. the full change log can be found at also I want to congratulate Jens Bergensten on becoming lead developer of PC and pocket edition versions so WHOOHOO


Micheal out